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How to Handle the Communal Fridge in the Office


Working in an office with many colleagues or different companies, you will require to have the law laid down, especially when it comes to the communal fridge. The modern offices today have communal spaces. This can be a breakout space, or anywhere you can meet for lunch together. A communal fridge will be a different matter when the spaces are becoming a carefree and a relaxing place. This can cause the arguments of the office and therefore become the home for anonymous, passive notes of aggressive. Ensure, therefore, to consider some basic guidelines to prevent arising disputes.


It is important first to consider the use of common courtesy. The great tip when it comes to dealing the BE Offices space is the use of common courtesy. However, many people forget such a factor when dealing with food. This is where you will require to avoid drinking some drinks for other people as they do not do that to yours. This will, therefore, need you to set some standards to help others to follow them.

The other vital thing is to label everything. For you to make the rules harder to break, you need to ensure all things are labeled and then put them in the fridge using their names, company or department. This will, therefore, avoid some mix-ups where one will take the owners things as theirs.


More to that, you will require to clear all the unspecified packages ad containers and consider writing the date on them when putting the item to the fridge. This will make the identification of moldy and old food and the fresh one easily when there is cleaning up of the big fridge. Be sure to view here for more details!


More to that, it is essential to have the regular cleanliness of the communal fridges. Consider a weekly cleaning to make sure it is generally tidy and remove all the leftover food, empty packages, and outdated milk. Discover more facts about offices at

It is advisable also to encourage the tidying up and wiping off the spillages and remove all the empty jars, boxes or cartons when finished. Provide some warnings to the people who leave the food in the container for long and do not claim it. This can be done with the use of emailing or attaching the note to all the items in questions addressing if not removed or claimed in a particular date it will be binned.

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